Estonian Company Formation

Starting a company from scratch allows you to develop everything from the start according to your own wishes. You have the possibility to create a non-standard solution.

Offshore company formation

Anson|Baer offers you the opportunity to incorporate or purchase a company in a region which allows for efficient tax planning.

Financial Management

The Anson/Baer team has long-term experience in financial management of different service and manufacturing enterprises.


The accounting team of Anson/Baer includes professionals with long-term experience


The Anson/Baer team has conducted and helped organize several takeovers of companies, involvements of capital/investors and found new owners for companies.

How to start an Estonian company

Before a company can be registered, it is necessary to verify the business name of the company.

AnsonBaer is a company that offers full solutions to your corporate needs

Why choose us?

AnsonBaer is the only partner you need to resolve all the tasks in relation to managing your business.

Tailored solutions

We take a personal approach to all our customers; we analyse the business and the needs of our customers, and based on the results we offer them the optimum solution.

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AnsonBaer holds an activity license for the provision of trust fund and corporate services, and offers nominee services to customers who value confidentiality (holding company shares and nominee director services).

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Experienced team

Our team consists of experienced professionals, who have been active in the field of corporate services since 1994. We have skills for finding solutions to even the most complicated problems.

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