Tax consultations

The aim of tax consulting is to optimise the client’s taxes based on a situational analysis that allows us to offer compound solutions.

Legal persons

We consult legal persons in the issues regarding income tax, value added tax and other tax related questions as well as help the client develop long-term tax strategies.

We consult in emerged tax issues by offering clear and constructive solutions in tax planning and developing tax strategies.

Within a transaction we give to the client an overview of the taxes accompanying the transaction and present a specific proposal for planning taxes.

We also represent you in dealing with tax authorities.

Natural persons

  • Advising a client in compiling an income declaration
  • Using possible tax exemption and tax incentives
  • Interpretations of Estonian tax syste

International taxation

When expanding business or developing commercial relations abroad it is necessary to understand tax regulations in the target country. Anson/Baer has cooperation partners in many countries and we are ready to provide the client access to international knowhow and at the same time enable the client to minimise tax risks in a foreign tax jurisdiction.

Risk analysis

We conduct risk analysis in the following fields:

– Corporate income tax

– Individual income tax

– Value added tax

– Social tax

– Other workforce related taxes

– Transfer prices

– Transactions with non-residents

As a result, an analysis is prepared that presents specific recommendations and proposals for implementing changes in tax strategy.

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