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Application form for a new Estonian company

Company information

Kindly propose at least three company names (in order of preference):

Name(s) of Director(s) (every director must fill in a KYC form):

Name(s) of Shareholder(s) (for every shareholder you must fill in a KYC form):

Name(s) of Beneficial Owner(s) (every Beneficial Owner must fill in a KYC form):

Company Activity information

The principal activities of the Company:

Will the company be used to hold your private funds or will it have a commercial activity (active or passive income)?

Countries where the company will have business acitivies?

Main business partners?

Please identify the source of the company's funds:

Additional Services You are interested in:

Billing information



EU VAT registration number:

Please attach notarized and apostilled copies of passports of all officers!

For offshore jurisdictions please attach proof of address, original with signature or company seal (Utility bill, not older that 1 month, translated into English by authorized translator)!

For bank account opening reference letter from your bank may be required, please check with your consultant!

By clicking "Confirm & Send" I confirm the accuracy of the above information and that I have read, understood and
agree with the full term of business which have been made available by me to AnsonBaer Nordic OÜ.

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