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Legal Consultations

Bankruptcy proceedings

  • Counselling a debtor before submitting a bankruptcy application and during the bankruptcy procedure
  • Counselling a creditor upon initiation of a bankruptcy procedure and representation during the bankruptcy procedure

Commercial law

  • Creating the form and structure of a suitable business for a client
  • Restructuring, mergers and divisions of companies
  • Takeovers and acquisitions of companies
  • Regulating ownership relations and counselling on relations between owners

Real-estate transactions

  • Due diligence in acquisition of immovable property
  • Preparation of agreements
  • Lease contracts, lease disputes
  • Financing
  • Plans
  • Counselling in purchase and sale transactions

Right of obligation

  • Preparation, compilation and analysis of contracts
  • Representation during negotiations
  • Judicial and non-judicial proceeding of a claim of benefit

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