This is our regular newsletter for all of our clients, focusing on the important things yet to do to close the financial year of 2018.

Annual report of 2018

If Your accounting is handled by Anson|Baer, we would like to remind You that the final date of submitting the annual report of 2018 is 30th of June 2019. To ensure that the annual report is ready in time and presented correctly, we would ask You to send all Your accounting documents to us by 15th of May, in case You haven’t sent them yet.

In case You have problems or questions regarding this matter, please contact our accounting team at accounting[email protected].

Declaring the Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO)

We would like to remind you that the deadline for declaring UBOs was last year but if You haven’t done so yet, it is still not too late. This is a legal obligation for all Estonian company directors.

Read more about this here or contact Hendrik Jalakas directly at [email protected].

New address of Anson|Baer office

In the end of 2018 we moved our offices to another building, which means that we have a new address to offer virtual office services. If Your company is still registered at Laeva 2 Tallinn address, please contact us and we will help You change it to ensure that we receive all of Your mail as soon as possible.
Our new address is Maakri 19/1-7K, Tallinn 10145.

Accounting cloud

Last year we started introducing our clients to a new and more convenient way to forward us accounting documents by uploading them to our cloud system instead of sending the documents by e-mail manually.

In case You haven’t got an e-mail with access to Your personal cloud and You would like to start using this system, contact our IT department at [email protected].

Board- and shareholder meetings

We can help You conduct obligatory board- and shareholder meetings in Estonia, as well as to prepare and confirm all the necessary documentation connected to this matter.

With best regards,
The Anson|Baer team