Shelf companies

A shelf company is a company established by Anson/Baer with an existing name, registration number, bank account, share capital, management board and address. The company has not been engaged into any previous commercial activity.

Acquiring a company is a quick process that takes altogether only a couple of hours. The sales of shares to new owners must be conducted and a new management board assigned by a notarial transaction, also the user rights of the bank account have to be changed in the bank.

Changes in the register take approximately 1-3 days.

When buying an shelf company we need the following data from you in order to formalise the transaction

  • Data of the future partners/shareholder (name, address, registration code/identification code)
  • For a legal person also the data of the representative (name, address, identification code)
  • Amount of the share capital and its division between shareholders
  • Location and address
  • Communication means (telephone, e-mail, homepage address)
  • Field of activity, according to the EMTAK (Estonian Classification of Economic Activities)
The shelf company is ready to be used right away. We provide a letter of authority to the new owners to make transactions possible.

If a founder/buyer is a foreign legal person, the legalised registration documents of the company shall have to be presented to the notary. In case it is a country that has joined the Hague Convention of the Abolishing the Requirement for Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents from 5 October , 1961 (see the list), the signature and seal on the document shall be verified with an apostille by an authorised official of the country of origin (e.g. Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs). However, if the legal person is from a country that has not joined that convention, the registry documents must first be certified in the respective institution of the given country and after that legalised in the embassy of the Republic of Estonia. (For example, Denmark has not joined this convention.)

If the representative of a shareholder signs a contract on the basis of a letter of authority, this letter of authority shall have to be notarised and certified by apostille or legalised (if the letter of authority is issued in a foreign country).

The name can be also changed. In this case possible name versions need to be forwarded.

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