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    investments stock markets cryptocurrencies

  • IT company

    Estonian company is a great way to manage versatile IT companies with employees from all over the world, taking advantage of the great infrastructure, online accessibility and forward-thinking of the Estonian online world.

  • Cryptocurrency Investment / Crypto Trading

    Perfect for risky cryptocurrency investments. Accounts can be opened with most crypto exchanges. Losses are not taxed while gains are only taxed on distribution of dividends.

  • Trading Company

    Estonia is an ideal gateway for importing goods for distribution within any EU country. Profits held with in the Estonian holding company are not taxed. Alternatively Estonia also offers a perfect scenario for those trading with in the EU!

  • Employment Center Company

    Idea for hiring globally based, distant working or offshore employees. By effectively planning your total tax burden on salaries, it is possible to pay 0% salary taxes in Estonia if the work is completed outside of Estonia and the employee is not a registered Estonian tax resident.

  • Crowdfunding Company

    Create a crowdfunding company in Estonia. Crowdfunding is regulated by a license issued by the FSA in Estonia and from 01.11.2022, all of the companies need to have a license to provide this service.

  • Approved Small Investment Fund

    An FSA approved investment fund structure that is an ideal vehicle for raising investments for up to 100 million euros.

  • Personal Investment Fund

    Perfect for most kinds of investments, including stock market investments and lifestyle investments that aim to retain and grow your family’s wealth plans.

I registered my company in Estonia thanks to Anson|Baer and have been using their corporate and accounting services for over 10 years now. I'm glad to say that they have managed to keep the quality and personal approach throughout their growth over the years.

Vladislav Herchykau

CEO and Chairman at Bamboo Group OÜ

Vladislav Herchykau

Why Estonia

The perks of a small country connected with the excellent framework of European Union.

Advanced digital public services

Clear rules with low bueraucracy

Low startup and maintenance costs

EU and OECD member and a “white list” country

Good connections, with tax treaties with more than 60 countries

Possibility to apply for e-Residency and temporary residence permit

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Why us

The best at solving financial challenges:

We make handling complex financial problems fast, simple and secure by focusing on your goals and offering tailor-made solutions that deliver results

Our goal is to service our clients during the whole lifespan of the business, not just during incorporation

95% customer satisfaction

15 years of experience

Äripäev 2019 top 2 in accounting turnover growth

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