Accounting services

Anson|Baer offers accounting services in Estonia to clients who value fast, up-to-date and optimized accounting done by professionals.

Our key goals

  • Minimal burdening of the client with running issues
  • Constant additional training of employees
  • Not burdening the client with the need to know state bureaucracy and legislation
  • Optimal payment of the client’s taxes
  • Increasing cost effectiveness
  • Clear remuneration of work
  • Minimal time spent on getting an overview of the company’s financial state
  • Work based on a clear co-operation framework


  • Filling and documenting of financial documents
  • Compiling accounting reports
  • Compiling tax computations
  • Compiling and submitting tax declarations
  • Salary calculation
  • Stock accounting
  • Issuing invoices
  • Making payments
  • Collecting original documents

Additional Services

  • Restoring and organising accounting of previous periods
  • Consulting on registration for value added tax identification number and registration of non-residents
  • Applying for of a value added tax refund
  • Tax consulting
  • Compiling and submitting applications

Organising Auditing

  • Audit of an annual statement compiled according to good Estonian accounting practice

  • Audit of an annual statement compiled according to international standards of financial reporting

  • Reports of financial information

  • Other services related to auditor’s professional activity, including opinions enacted in the Commercial Code on the control of evaluating non-monetary contributions, merging of companies, closing, etc.

  • See when auditing is necessary from our Estonian Taxes article

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