Reorganisation is restructuring of the financial obligations of a company with solvency problems under court jurisdiction.

Anson/Baer assists You in the following issues:

  • Assessing the necessity for a reorganisation process
  • Preparations for reorganisation, finding a suitable reorganisation consultant
  • Compiling a reorganisation plan
  • Advising on alteration of claims
  • Negotiations with creditors
  • Advising creditors in defending their rights during a reorganisation procedure

Reorganisation in Detail

Extra-Judicial Reorganisation

Anson/Baer compiles a reorganisation plan in cooperation with the client, which is an attempt to reach an agreement with the creditor without the help of a court. As a result an agreement is concluded with the creditors to continue operations of the company and fulfil the obligations in an agreed extent and schedule.

The precondition of reorganisation is convincing the partners that reorganisation is a more useful solution to them than bankruptcy. The plan must convince and motivate the partners. If necessary, we help the client until successful implementation of the reorganisation plan.

A prerequisite of the process is the compilation of an airtight financial prognosis that is based on thoroughly analysed future perspectives of the company. We start by analysing the previous activity of the company and conclude with the action plan for making the company profitable and sustainable.

The members of our team have sufficient experience for negotiating with creditors, also credit institutions.

Judicial Reorganisation

Judicial reorganisation is a collection of legal procedures, but is in the main part similar to the previously mentioned. For voluntary reorganisation an agreement must be reached with all creditors, but for judicial reorganisation the possibility of reorganisation is assessed by the court and for the creditors it might be a forced solution.

Reorganisation must be started before the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings, afterwards it is not possible.

Reorganisation allows avoiding a bankruptcy procedure and rescuing perspective business operations. This means that reorganisations can save the company: reduction of costs, involving additional capital, reorganisation of staff, etc.

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